Molecular Mixer

To prepare for Molecular Mixer, we have held workshops aimed towards helping students prepare themselves to be good applicants to research positions. You can find these resources on our Molecular Mixer page.


R is a very useful tool especially for data analysis in laboratory settings or otherwise. You can see our presentation on introductory R from these slides. We cover importing data sets, calculations, manipulation, and some data representation! We are also currently looking to expand this into a series.


Python programming is a valuable and highly marketable skill to have! Check out our latest python workshop where you can follow along and read our solutions here. If you need help installing Jupyter Notebook watch this video. You can also watch our older Python Workshops from 2021 (overview and introduction) and 2022 (more involved, focus on loops, logic, and lists), or review our slides to learn how to code in python.


MATLAB programming is useful for lab research and engineering. Watch our MATLAB Workshop to learn the basics of MATLAB programming.

Reading Research Articles

Want to effectively budget your time and maximize your knowledge when reading papers? Listen to a UF Grad Student’s advice on the best way to read research articles.

Finding Research

Want to get involved in research but don’t know how? Watch our workshop on how to find research at UF!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Learn more about DEI with Chemistry Club! Here are some amazing resources to inform you about DEI in STEM, as well as report incidences in the UF community, and assist you personally.