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That’s one heck of a reaction! American chemist Richard Heck won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing the Heck reaction. It uses an organopalladium catalyst to make carbon-carbon bonds, and has been enormously influential in chemistry, medicine, and industry.


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Researchers have cracked open the field of ultracold chemistry by reacting two KRb molecules at 250 nano-Kelvin. Quantum mechanical interactions allow these molecules to react at such a temperature, producing K2 and Rb2. That is cool chemistry!


Did You Know?

Many protease (protein cleaving) enzymes use the catalytic triad in their active site: serine, aspartate, and histidine. These three amino acid residues work together to break peptide bonds in a snap!

catalytic triad

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All physical chemists know the saying diamonds are forever is really a crock. The saying should go, graphite is forever, because graphite is the most thermodynamically stable form of carbon!


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Isolated from freshly collected Hippopotamus sweat, Hipposudoric acid is a highly conjugated molecule that absorbs light in the UV visible spectrum. It is speculated that the compound acts as a natural sunscreen for the Hippopotamus’s sensitive skin.

Hipposudoric Acid

Did You Know?

Over 41 ‘anomalies’ are associated with good ol’ H2O. Find out more about the amazing properties of water in the resources section.

H2O Water

Did You Know?

What you see is not what a molecule gets. The colors you see are the wavelengths of light which are NOT absorbed by the object.


The UF Chemistry Club is an undergraduate student club that is a student chapter of the American Chemical Society. UF Chemistry Club is open to students in all majors who are interested or enjoy learning more about different facets of chemistry. The goal of UF Chemistry Club is to promote awareness and involvement in chemistry and related disciplines on campus and in the community. To learn more about us, visit our about us page.

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