Molecular Mixer

Molecular Mixer is an annual networking event that Chemistry Club hosts in the fall semester to encourage involvement and awareness in research and industry. Cross-disciplinary researchers and recruiters from local industries are invited to this event to find potential candidates for lab techs. This event is an opportunity for attendees to develop better professional networking skills, expand their scientific communication skills, and foster a greater love for science. UF chemistry faculty, researchers, recruiters from local industries and more from related disciplines and fields are invited to this event to talk about their work and find potential undergraduate candidates to work in their labs. Those who attend are able to find research positions, internships, job offerings and more while developing professional networking skills, public speaking skills, and a fonder interest in chemistry.

This year Molecular Mixer is in-person in the Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building, the recordings of the events are below; along with corresponding resources for each workshop. More info

Resume Building Workshop

Researching Research Workshop

Contacting Professors Workshop

DEI in STEM Panel