Chem Club Description

What is Chemistry Club at the University of Florida?

The Student Chapter of the American Society, also known as Chemistry Club at the University of Florida, was established on September 1st 1995. We aim to promote awareness and involvement in chemistry and related disciplines on campus and around the community. Our organization provides opportunities for students in networking, professional development, mentorship, volunteering, philanthropy, outreach and more! Our events bring together UF faculty, researchers, industry workers, and others to provide expertise and experience for students pursuing a chemistry-related career. We hope to serve students by providing a community of support centered around, but not limited to chemistry. To learn more about the different opportunities that we provide, visit our Activities page.

What is the American Chemical Society?

The American Chemical Society was founded in 1876 and is the world’s largest scientific society. The mission of the American Chemical Society is to advance broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people. The American Chemical Society works on promoting published scientific information, empowering members to advance in chemistry, provide networking within the scientific community, and more. Chemistry Club at the University of Florida serves as an undergraduate student chapter under the ACS and helps facilitate the overall goals of the society in advancing and empowering its members to find passion in chemistry and supporting the scientific community in its pursuit to change the world. To learn more about the American Chemical Society, click here to visit the ACS website.