For Volunteers

Please note that due to COVID-19 the procedure for Outreach may be subject to change during the Spring 2021 semester.

The dates for Spring 2021 Orientations will be announced at the beginning of the semester on this website and on our Facebook. There will be two orientation dates available, but you only need to attend one of them to join. These orientation sessions will likely be offered via zoom. All majors welcome!

All volunteers (including returning participants from previous semesters) are required to complete an SBAC background check form prior to any classroom visit. Instructions on how to complete your background check will be available once you’ve received your classroom assignment(s).

The UF Chemistry Club Science Outreach Program is an exciting opportunity to share your enthusiasm about science with K-8 students at local public schools. Members are put into groups of two or three and assigned to a class for the semester. Depending on your availability, you can make visits weekly, biweekly (twice a month), or monthly to perform labs that supplement what the students are learning. Detailed instructions for the labs are available for download on the Outreach Lab Library page. You will be provided with the necessary supplies and reimbursed for transportation mileage, where applicable.

A detailed orientation will be held at the beginning of each semester to go over specific expectations for our volunteers. If you are unable to make it to either of the scheduled orientations, contact the coordinators as soon as possible to schedule a make-up orientation.
Contact: The volunteer coordinators for the 202 Spring Semester are Lauren Andrews and Nicole Petit. Please feel free to contact them by emailing

How to get to the Chem Club Closet:

  • All labs and materials are stored in the outreach closet, located in CLB 311H.
  • To see how to get to CLB 311H, watch this video.

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