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All files are download as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents or Google Doc.

All files can be downloaded as a PDF or with Google Docs. If you have any questions about lab availability or new lab ideas, be sure to e-mail the volunteer coordinators at!

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Lab Title


Beans Lab Life Science
Blood Transfusion Lab Biology, Human Anatomy
Blow Up a Balloon w/ Cellular Respiration Chemistry, Biology
Break the Tension: A Water Experiment Chemistry
Building Elements Chemistry, Physical Science
Effect of Oils on Birds Chemistry, Ecology
Explore States of Matter with Dancing Raisins Physical Science
Extracting DNA from Strawberry Biology
Lava Lamp Physical Science
Mirror, Mirror Physics
Oobleck Chemistry
Rainbow Paper Physics
Secret Formulas (Chromatography) Chemistry
See a Raindrop Earth Science
Separate Salt and Pepper with Static Electricity Physical Science
Spread-of-Infectious-Disease Chemistry, Biology, Math
Shiny Pennies Chemistry